Friday, July 31, 2009

VHT Training Day

First day on the ground in Koro sub-county! Esther, Paul, Eric and I met with Dr. Beatrice and Chris in Gulu town and headed out to Kairos for the village health team (VHT) training. Our first task for training day? Morning tea! We met our 13 village health team (VHT) and youth leaders in one of these rooms and did our introductions over hot milk tea, chapattis and a boiled egg. (lunch would be generous portions of stewed chicken and veggies, rice, and matoke (mashed plantains))

The team was made up of elected representatives from the various villages in the Koro sub-county; their community responsibility was to provide health information to their constituents. All had previously worked with Kairos and many impressed us with their experience and local leadership.

During the training, Esther gave the VHTs an overview of our study, the essential role the VHT would play and the timeline for participation. Paul talked about TAMTAM. Dr. Sam, from the local MOH, gave some information about malaria.

I had a lot of fun running the Bed-net Distribution Day Simulation, and Esther had an equally good time running the Bed-net Installation Day Simulation. We also earned a ton in the debrief! A few tidbits:

• Villages would self-monitor effectively to ensure fair and honest distribution of the nets
• Opened net bags were less likely to go to market
• And how to turn down a thirty minute stay and two cups of tea politely!

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