Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet our partner NGO in Koro County, Kairos

Paul and Dr. Beatrice in front of partner NGO, Kairos. Medical Center in background.

TAMTAM's partner in Koro County (Northern Uganda), Kiaros, is located 10 km south of Gulu town and run by a well organized and highly motivated woman, Dr. Beatrice and her husband, Chris, both of whom are faculty with Gulu University. The center was started to address rural community health (and education) needs. This population has been growing quickly for the past 2 years as internally displaced peoples have left the refugee camps to return home (post-LRA).

The plan is to first conduct training with Koro County's community health representatives, the "Village Health Team" VHT so our partners know the bednet distribution, data collection and bednet installation procedures. The rest of the week will be spent in the parishes (localized regions consisting of 2-3 villages) distributing nets and installing nets.

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