Thursday, August 19, 2010

And now to hang the nets…

Curious neighbors say hello during a home visit...

Volunteer Richard and a happy owner of a newly installed mosquito net.

Volunteer Abraham of Takorase after demonstrating the hanging of the mosquito net to the household.

As part of TAMTAM’s operational research, we are again testing the impact of using community health volunteers to hang mosquito nets for households on net usage. At the same time, we are also observing the rate at which households will install nets on their own and whether or not the nets make it home after a fixed point distribution. These questions were all suggested by malaria policymakers in Ghana. We hope to deliver useful findings for them through our work these past few months.

The community health workers are now visiting homes to install mosquito nets and collect other information. They have been trained to hang nets in different types of rooms, over beds and mats, and armed with supplies such as flashlights, nails, and hammers.

We look forward to hearing that households not only own but also use their mosquito nets to cover their entire family.

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