Sunday, August 8, 2010

Training Volunteers in Ghana

Photos- Top: Volunteers, KLO, Dzamam clinic and TAMTAM teams after training; Middle: Volunteers ready for instructions; Bottom: Discussing details during training.

The community health volunteers for TAMTAM’s project in the Dzamam sub-district gathered at the church across from the health clinic. During the one day training, the volunteers learned how to pre-register their communities so that TAMTAM could distribute enough mosquito nets for universal coverage. As defined by the National Malaria Control Program’s standards, universal coverage for a household is one net for every two people, up to the number of sleeping spaces, and less the household’s current effective nets. Our volunteers went into their communities to return this information for each of their households. They were also prepared with tools such as clipboards, inkpads, pens, and flashlights to help them accurately obtain the data needed. During training, volunteers were able to practice administering the pre-registration survey. They problem solved potentially challenging situations through role playing and discussing together.

After training, the seven volunteers (Richard, Christian, Felix, Nicholas, Abraham, Joseph, and Joseph) conducted pre-registration in their respective communities of Brepaw, Dawatrim, Dzamam, Adwenso, Takorsae, and Afuafie. TAMTAM members were available to work with the volunteers during their first few household visits to ensure that there were no difficulties. In total, 3800 people in about 600 households were registered for TAMTAM’s project.

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