Saturday, June 13, 2009

One week down...

After 5 full days in Kampala, we can say that it has been a productive week. Before landing in Kampala, we had been introduced to some contacts in the Ugandan malaria sphere but many variable were still unknown. Now, after our first week, we have been fortunate to meet many knowledgeable and helpful people at various hospitals, government offices, and NGOs. Some highlighted meetings:

  • Africare
  • Rotary Club
  • Malaria Consortium
  • Kairos
  • Centers for Disease Control/President's Malaria Initiative
  • Ford Family Program
  • Various hospitals and officials in rural Ugandan districts

Right now, we write to you from Busia, Kenya, the birthplace of TAMTAM (where the research that began bed net distribution was conducted by development economists). In fact, Jessica Cohen, one of the original founders, happens to be here in Busia with us.

In other news, we will add photos soon- bear with the less than visually-stimulating blog at the moment. We are also moving into a house on Monday- right near an ice cream parlor!

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