Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week 2 Happenings

Another good week here in Uganda, this time a nice mix of field time and in-city meetings. Lekha and Sarah have survived their first week and are full-fledged TAMTAMers.

This week, we met with the following organizations in Kampala:
  • Ministry of Local Government
  • Ministry of Health
  • FXB
  • Clinton Foundation - CHAI (Country Director and Malaria Program)
  • Netmark

This week our field visits included VOLSET Foundation in Ntenjeru/Domba Island and Buluba Hospital near Musita. Next week we will return to these sights to learn more and spend dedicated time. We will also head north to Gulu to visit the organization Kairos. Busy first week for Sarah and Lekha- we wish the rest of the team were here too!

We also found ourselves a team mascot, Chris TAMTAM Tam. It's his birthday! Thanks to Chaim and Phil as well for hosting a fun time.

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  1. Sweet blog team TAMTAM. And thanks for the shoutout

    - MAPsters + CK TAMTAM Tam