Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 3 Update

We spent most of Week 3 in the field visiting potential partner sites. During the beginning of the week we went back to Buluba Hospital to observe one of their immunization days (photo above) and understand the data that they record for their patients when they come in for antenatal visits or immunizations. We also had the opportunity to visit Kairos, an organization that runs a health clinic 10km outside of Gulu (~5 hours north of Kampala). Dr. Beatrice from Kairos showed us around and gave us some context on the patients she sees through the clinic. It is clear that there is a real need for bed nets in the region, and that there is a passionate team on the ground trying to deliver better healthcare to the surrounding area. Kairos has begun collecting data including malaria and bed net information through community gatherings- a potentially useful forum for TAMTAM's partnership.
Meanwhile, meetings in Kampala continue:
  • Ministry of Health - Malaria Control Program
  • Mildmay- a UK-based NGO focused on family HIV/AIDS treatment
  • BASF/ Cooper Pharma- a commercial distributor of bed nets in Uganda
On some exciting news outside of work, team TamTam came in first place at the bi-monthly trivia night at the expat bar Bubble’s! What is the prize for winning such a tough competition? Well, on top of flaunting such an honor to the rest of the small expat community, we get to write the next quiz! The team is busy trying to come up with some tough questions. In the coming week we are looking forward to our visits to Ntenjeru and Gulu. By end of this week we will have an additional teammate- Meredith! We are looking forward to welcoming her to the team and getting her up to speed on the work that we are doing on the ground.

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