Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 1 of distribution: Labwoch Parish

Today we started our distributions in Labwoch Parish. We were both eager to get the nets out, and a bit apprehensive about the problems that might arise. Would people come from the villages to the meeting? Would many expect nets who were not assigned to nets? Was there something we hadn’t anticipated?

The first sign of trouble was our incredibly late start – a sign of trouble, fortunately, only for those uninitiated with African time. As we readied ourselves, people kept arriving and when they did, waited patiently. Speeches were made on malaria and bed net care, on self-reliance, and then nets (and a large net transport bag too) were distributed.

Following distribution, some stayed to argue their cases for receiving a net and a protocol was decided. Extra nets went to pregnant women, families with young children, the sick, and the elderly. Once established, few could argue the logic and those that did not receive a net left with without complaint. We gave out 132 nets today and can count the day a huge success!!

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